Special meeting called for issues facing the Adams County Jail

The old (below) and new toothbrush (above) that will be used at the Adams County Jail.

The Adams County Board of Public Health and Safety Committee along with Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer went into executive session for 40 minutes before inviting the public into the Law Library at the Adams County Courthouse.

The hour long meeting discussed ways to better assist in jail situations like the failed escape attempt by three inmates in late July.

New toothbrushes will be issued to inmates. The older brush was long and somewhat pointy, and was said to be the weapon used in the attempted escape. The new brush will be smaller and more rounded so inmates won't be able to fashion any sort of weapon.

The board and committee was also asked if a newer jail facility would help these situations.

One board member said, â??that has been the elephant in the room for the last 12 years.â??

It was another board member that finally said, â??"it would be up to the citizens of Adams County" if a new jail were to be funded.

The Illinois Department of Corrections will be inspecting the jail in the upcoming weeks.