Southeastern HS: Five years after the fire

It was five years ago Thursday that fire ravaged Southeastern High School in Augusta.

At the time of the fire, students were in class and were able to escape the fire without any injuries.

For several months, students at both the junior and senior high schools had to attend classes in other communities that make up the Southeastern School District.

Todd Fox was the principal of Southeastern High School at the time.

He is now Superintendent, but he remembers exactly where he was at the time of the fire.

"I was in the gym supervising a group of students. The fire alarm never goes off at Southeastern, so when it did, I walked upstairs, saw the smoke and I knew it was the real deal" said Fox.

He also remembers how strange it was to be talking to students after everyone was safely evacuated to the baseball field.

"I was telling them that we were safe, no one was hurt and that everything would be fine. Meanwhile the school is burning right behind my back."

The cause was never determined, but investigators say the fire did start in the chemistry lab.

A new building now houses students in grades 7 through 12. It cost $4.5 million.