'Something Borrowed' is making brides happy

Shelly Neisen opened Something Borrowed, a custom wedding décor and rental business.

Shelly Neisen is still a happy mother of the bride a year later after she married off one of her daughters.

She says they did go through a few difficulties while making plans for the happy day.

"Actually it started because of my daughter's wedding, when we started planning the wedding, there was no place to rent things like we wanted for the wedding, so I thought if we can't find them,other people can't either," Neisen said.

That led Neisen to open Something Borrowed, a custom wedding décor and rental business.

You name it, Neisen probably has it.

"Everybody asks for the basics, a lot of times they come in and they are not sure of what they really want, it's kind of a starting point and my suggestion is one thing you love, if it's a color, if it's a flower, if its a whatever it is," Neisen said.

Bouquets, chandeliers, center pieces and even christmas trees.

"Not locked in to just doing weddings, I decorate for Christmas, I can do baby showers, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, anything you want decorated, that you don't want to own the decorations for I have stuff I can decorate," Neisen explained.

Neisen says the best part of all of this ... "Is making that bride happy, making her day exactly what she wants it to be, you want her to be happy, cause it's the memories."