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      Some shoppers not sold on new Black Friday hours

      This year's Black Friday was more like Gray Thursday with some stores opening at 9 p.m. and midnight.

      Not all shoppers were buying into the new trend.

      Shirley Tode and her family have been Black Friday shoppers for the past 10 years. When they heard that some stores had new earlier shopping hours, they decided to sleep in.

      "Oh no, no, no we're not that crazy," Tode said. 'We have a big Thanksgiving dinner and we enjoy it and then we get our second wind at 5 o'clock in the morning."

      That's when Tode and her shopping crew made their way to Kohls. Which may have been the ideal time because the store was nearly empty. This wasn't the case at midnight when cash register lines wrapped around the store.

      Old Navy also opened its doors at midnight but that's nothing new. Its held that Black Friday start time for past three years. The store manager said at one point the store reached full capacity. Employees had to work the doors allowing five in and five out at a time.

      But those die-hard fans don't show up that early for nothing. It's all about the sales.

      Anna Bushnell and her sister travel an hour and a half from Missouri to Quincy for Black Friday deals. She says this year she was disappointed with door-busters that only lasted a few early morning hours.

      "Just change it up a little bit, but to run it all at once I think it's not going to help them and it doesn't make me want to go back to that store," she said.

      But deal or no deal Tode, says Black Friday isn't all about shopping.

      "It's just our family time together," Tode said. "It's just fun and we like to be silly."