Some residents say plans for hog confinement stink

Standing room only at public hearing at the Adams Co. Courthouse

Some area residents say a plan to build a large-scale hog confinement near Lima stinks.

The Adams County Board meeting room turned out to be standing room only Monday night.

Dozens of people packed the room to hear more about a proposed hog confinement that could go up almost 2 miles southwest of Lima.

But not everyone is happy about that proposal.

"When I was searching for a home site, I would never have decided to live there had I known there would be a hog farm," neighbor Thomas Kevin Tushaus said. "I can't think of anyone in their right mind who wants to live that close to 5,000 hogs."

Tushaus said he used his life savings to build a new log home about 2,300 feet away from the proposed hog confinement site about 3 1/2 years ago

"I don't want to live next to a hog confinement mainly because of the loss of property values but also because of odor, air pollution, noise, traffic issues and desecration of Native American Indian sites," he said.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is considering a request by Adams County farmer Daron Duke and his partner to build a facility that would house about 4,900 hogs. They told a standing room only crowd Monday night that waste from the hog confinement would be stored underneath the building and then injected into nearby soil to help fertilize future crops.

"Change is always scary," Duke said. "This industry, sometimes people are concerned with it, but through the research we've done, we feel this is a good fit for us and the community. Through new technologies and science that's out there, livestock production has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, and it's much more environmentally friendly than what it has been in the past."

If the state grants the farmers a permit, Duke said he hopes to move forward with construction as soon as possible.

A group called Adams County Families Against Rural Messages held a press conference prior to tonight's public hearing to voice their opposition to the project.