Some new car dealers seeing a shortage of inventory

Butch Gail says new car sales have rebounded.

The latest numbers from the automotive industry show that new car sales are up.

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new car sales continue to inch upward in 2013.

Butch Gail has been in the car business for about 40 years and he's seen his share of up's and down's in the industry. The latest downturn was back in 2008 and 2009. But he says new car sales have rebounded since then.


2013 is a great year, 2008 was not a good year because of the economy, jobs and everybody now is making more money and jobs are getting plentiful it just helps the car business," Gail said.

Gail said
at the beginning of 2013, new car buyers were looking at fuel mileage as one of their top priorities when buying a car. But now he said
there's been a move towards comfort and technology.


hey look at fuel economy but not as much as the comfort, the bells and the whistles, the technology of the vehicles is is what helps us sell vehicles," Gail said.

The general manager of Gem City Ford said
when the recession hit a few years ago, they saw sales on new pickup's drop to about 20 to 25 a month. But now, they're seeing about 35 new trucks go off the lot each month. It's even got to the point where some dealerships didn't plan ahead, for a surge in sales and that has left them short on inventory. Gail said
that's not the case with his dealership and they're looking forward to closing out 2013 on a positive note.

Gail said
he had a conversation with their Ford factory representative earlier this year. From that, he had 50 new pick up trucks delivered, so he could have new inventory on hand to accommodate the dealerships customers.

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