Solutions Hypnotherapy opens in Quincy just in time for new year

The ribbon cutting for Solutions Hypnotherapy took place Monday afternoon.

It's called "New Year, New You: Solutions to Resolutions."

It's a program being offered by Jacky Patrick Malloy, a clinical hypnotherapist, who has brought his business to Quincy.

While hypnotherapy can be beneficial any time of the year, Malloy says around New Years becomes one of his busiest times.

Malloy has worked in the field of hypnotherapy for over 20 years.

He's helped people overcome obstacles that have weighed them down for long periods of time.

Now that he's added his business, Solutions Hynotherapy, to Quincy, he's hoping to help more people through hypnosis.

"Well, every year we make these new years resolutions," said Malloy. "So I think this year I'm offering a solution to the resolution so to speak."

His business aims at four different cycles: emotional, physical, behavioral, and mental.

"Hypnotherapy basically covers many different modalities," Malloy said. "No matter what the problem is, we can usually find a shortcut through hypnosis to correct it."

With the new year around the corner, Malloy is offering his services for those who want to make sure their resolutions are attainable.

"I recently had a client who's agoraphobic, and she hasn't left her house in over five years, calls me and within two weeks she's running to the store, going to the doctor, after five years of not seeing a doctor. It's very gratifying to know that I can truly, truly help people," said Malloy.

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