Softball for Cancer Benefit

It was a great day to play a tournament for a great cause.

In Hannibal softball was their game of choice and lots of people came out to show their support.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for Softball. Players from around the Tri-States gathered in Hannibal for a charity tournament to benefit the Grab It By the Horns Foundation.

"It is benefiting our organization called Grab It By the Horns. It started out to just help people with breast cancer but we kind of expanded. We help really that has cancer," Sheila Combs said.

The tournament held at Huckleberry Park just off highway 61 had 8 teams participate and also had 27 players participate in a Home Run Derby.

"They approached me about it. Their coach Scottie Bowen kind of organized it and I helped him out with it," Combs said.

People from around the area came out with tents to watch the day long tournament to show support for those fighting for their lives.

"It makes me ecstatic. Last week I didn't get the greatest news from my Oncologist. I am fighting stage four and have been for four years. I was kind of it tears at the beginning of the week and then today to look up on the hill and see all kinds of people here, I am just ecstatic," Combs said.

Combs says the teams will be playing down in Hannibal until probably midnight Saturday night.