Sniffles and sneezes could mean nickels and dimes

file photo/ flu shot

The impact of the flu on wallets is simple. Pay anywhere from $20-$35 for a flu shot now, or can risk losing hundreds if influenza makes its appearance.

"It will give you the protection you need to keep yourself health and the community, your family members, your children. It can be very costly if you do happen to get the flu. Missed work, if your children get the flu you may have to be off work to take care of them," Public Health Registered Nurse Joanna Bunch explained.

Once the flu hits, there is not much patients can do except treat the symptoms. For most people, that is pain killers and cough syrup.

If a doctor catches the virus early he or she may prescribe Tamiflu, which can reduce the length and severity of the sickness, but it comes at a cost.

Pharmacist Melissa Garber says, "There are some insurances that don't even pay for Tamiflu. The out of pocket cost is over $100 for a course of therapy, if the patient had to pay out of pocket. If there insurance pays it would be the brand co-pay typically."

Even over-the-counter treatments can add up to the cost of a flu shot at the health department.

"$20 for adults here at the Health Department and $10 for anyone ages 6 months to 18 years of age, for children and adolescents," Bunch said.

Even though the flu may not be present in Adams County yet, Bunch says it is a good idea to get a shot now. Once vaccinated, it takes two weeks to become effective.

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