Smoke detector saves Keokuk family from burning home

A Keokuk family says an early warning from working smoke detectors in their home got them out of a burning home safely.

Firefighters with the Keokuk Fire Department were called to a home at 314 Belknap Place Monday evening around 6:50. They are still
investigating what sparked the fire, however early reports indicate the cause of the fire was electrical in nature.

Fifty percent of the home was damaged.

Smoke detectors alerted a woman, her daughter and grandchildren inside at the time to evacuate. No injuries were reported. Red Cross assisted them with overnight arrangements.

While the house was not a total loss, the fire was upstairs where all of the children's bedrooms were. All of their clothes, toys and bedding was completely destroyed.

Donations are needed for the Daniels family.

Sizes of clothes needed include:

12-year-old boy size large and extra large shirts, pant size 32 and 34, shoe size 13.

10-year-old girl size 14/16, shoe size 7.5/8.

8-year-old boy size 14/16.

Adult Woman size medium and small shirts, 8/10 pants.

Donations will be accepted at the Lee County Chapter of the American Red Cross at 811 Main Stree, Keokuk Iowa 52632.

We'll continue to follow this story as it develops.