Small group protests Michael Brown TMs death in Quincy

A couple people showed up for Saturdayâ??s protest

Protests over the death of Michael Brown have sprung up in more cities than just Ferguson, Missouri.

One even hit the streets of Quincy Saturday.

A few protesters gathered outside of the McDonalds next to the Quincy Mall to voice their outrage over the death of the 18 year old.

Andrea Glass woke up Saturday morning hoping to make a difference.

"Just kind of letting people know what's going on down in Ferguson, because seems like a lot of people still just don't know," Glass said.

Glass stood alone on a sidewalk facing Broadway holding a sign with the words. No justice. No peace. R.I.P Mike Brown."

Her road to standing on this corner started after hearing about Michael Brown's story.

"Most of my information came from Twitter, from protestors that were actually there," Glass said.

She jumped into action, made a sign, and launched a campaign online to bring people together.

"I got kind of tired of just talking and I wanted to actually do something, Glass said. And so I just made the Facebook event and hoped people would show up."

Unfortunately, no one else arrived at the scheduled time.

However, her protest caught the attention of Otis Pleasant.

Pleasant gave a nod of approval to show his support.

"I hope it brings attention to how law enforcement, once again, responds to situations," Pleasant said.

Glass stood in the rain for more than an hour until her friend, Heaven Aden, showed up.

She couldn't leave her friend hanging and also wanted to voice her opinion, too.

"I just think that something needs to be done about it, and nothing is going to be done about it unless the American people open their eyes and see what's happening. And, you know, take a stand against it," Aden said.

Glass believes more protests like this one could help bring more attention to Brown's death.

Her main goal is to push officials to take more interest in the case.

"All these officers involved in the whole situation need to be fired," Glass said.

Glass said at least 17 people planned to attend Saturday TMs protest.