Skydiver Follow-Up: Mattingly Romanin reacts to his viral video

KHQA's Ross Green spoke with Hannibal Cavemen shortstop Mattingly Romanin Sunday to get his take on what happened Saturday during the game.

Shortstop Mattingly Romanin ended his run with the Hannibal Cavemen this week.

You'll remember that Romanin was accidentally hit by a skydiver that was delivering the game ball at Clemens Field Saturday night. He took a pretty hard hit in the outfield.

After being checked out by a health professional, it was clear that this was Romanin's second concussion of the season and his coach decided it was best for him to call it a season.

Sandy Beem-Copenhaver, a member of Romanin's host family, sent KHQA's Brooke Hasch a message Tuesday letting us know that he was headed back to Chicago. "We are sad." she wrote.

KHQA's Ross Green spoke with Romanin to get his take on what happened Saturday during the game.

"Right before they jumped out of the plane, they had one of their crew members come out and tell us, if it looks like they are gonna come right at you and hit you, don't move it's okay, they are gonna try and do their best I guess to avoid you," Romanin said.

"There was a split second where I realized, like, okay he's a little close here," he said. "So then that's when I kinda tried to duck out of the way, but it was too late and I just realized I was gonna get hit and turned my head ... and was lucky not to get hit square in the face."

He spent a couple of minutes on the ground, but continued to play alongside his team.

Romanin said he played the game and felt fine, but he had a little more of a headache once he got home.

Romanin had a concussion earlier in the spring and was hoping for the best after this hit.

Ross Green asked Romanin how he feels about his name plastered all over the internet.

"I wish it was for something different," Romanin admitted.

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