Skip the lines and save some cash

More than a dozen local businesses are advertising discounts and deals for Small Business Saturday.

This shopping day is not meant to compete with Black Friday sales at national stores. Instead, Small Business Saturday offers a different kind of shopping experience.

"I don't think you're going to find the outrageous deals that you see with a national chain. Obviously, they've got a lot of buying power. They have the ability to offer some pretty ridiculous deals sometimes. What you are going to find is great deals on unique, one-of-a-kind gift items," Travis Brown, Executive Director of Historic Quincy Business District, said.

Last year, local businesses started advertising Small Business Saturday sales. Downtown businesses reported that the shopping holiday was their second largest day for sales.

"It was very good, we had a good flow of people all day and it was nice to see that they were out there supporting us also," Celia Neff, of Celia's Gifts and More said.

Locally owned restaurants and shops are advertising special sales again this year to convince shoppers to spend their holiday dollars locally. By shopping at locally owned businesses, more of the money spent is reinvested in the community.

"Locally owned and operated businesses are more likely to do business with other locally owned and operated businesses so that dollar just turns itself over so many more times in out local community," Brown explained.

Along with discounts and deals, Quincy businesses offer personalized service, much shorter lines, and a more laid back atmosphere.

"We'll be able to help the customers pick out that favorite gift that they want and just have a lot of different selection that they haven't seen out there," Neff said.

Celia's Gifts and More is located next door to The Park Bench. The restaurant is offering deals to entice shoppers to stop next door for refreshments.

"Shop local," encouraged The Park Bench Owner Sue Schmidt. "All these people that have their businesses downtown have worked really hard to have their businesses and open them and do the best that they can."