Sixty-six jobs, duties lost in the Quincy Public School District

Thirty-four positions and thirty-two duties in the Quincy Public School District will be eliminated next school year.

The Quincy School Board officially voted Wednesday night to cut staff as part of a deficit reduction plan to trim $1 million from its budget.Click here to see the entire list of cuts and the impact on the various schools."Anytime we have a reduction of staff it impacts students, we want the very best for our students and the community and they deserve the very best," said Quincy Federation of Teachers president Valerie Bordenkircher.Superintendent Lonny Lemon said, "This is not a good day for education. The emotional ties and the fact that we won't be able to provide the services to kids that we want to."The largest swath of cuts came in the district TMs classified and extra-curricular programs."Some of the kids that would be in art, a foreign language, a cut that may have been cut, that might be all that that student cares about and that is the hook that is keeping them involved in school," said Bordenkircher.

Twenty-eight people were cut in classified positions which include para-educators, librarians, cooks and custodians.

Twenty-nine staff members will be eliminated from extra-curricular positions. Most of the extra-curricular cuts come from clubs at Quincy Junior High School, department chairs and the elimination of Q Review.

Five certified employees, three certain extended contracts and one certified employee will also be cut

Assistant Superintendent Christie Dickens said staff members received informal notices about their future last Friday. Wednesday night's meeting made the cuts official."Let's hope that we've reached the very bottom of the valley. Hopefully the state can get their affairs in order," Lemon said. "The board has done a great job being fiscally responsible and hopefully we can get some help from the state."

District officials approve the hiring of a new business manager who will receive a $125,000 for three years with buyout provisions for two-thirds annual salary if terminated early.