Sit! Stay! Tips to make your dog obey

If you have a pet, chances are there are some behaviors you wish you could change. One of the most common for dogs is jumping.

Jumping dogs aren't just annoying, they're dangerous to children and seniors. But it's a behavior that can be stopped - with consistency and training.

That's the word from Elizabeth Boyer, a professional dog trainer and owner of Alpha Dog in Quincy. She says the key is to not reinforce the bad behavior with attention, like petting or greeting the dog. Instead ...
"When the dog jumps on you you want to put them into a sit and then reinforce the behavior of the sit. If you pet the dog when he is jumping you are reinforcing a bad behavior. When she goes to jump on me I am going to correct her," Boyer said. "Then as soon as she sits I am going to praise her."

The same is true for dogs at homes you are visiting. If a dog is in training, what you do when you walk in the door can throw off weeks of work. Instead when you go to someone's house, ignore the jumping until the owner steps in.

"Let the owner get a hold of the dog and get it into a sit position. Then you can go over and greet the dog," Boyer said.

Boyer says the key is timing, consistency and motivation. The best motivation is given to the dog directly from the owner, not throwing treats on the floor.

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