Sisters of Notre Dame with ties to Quincy celebrate Golden Jubilee

After a half of a century's worth of dedication, three School Sisters of Notre Dame celebrate their Golden Jubilee.

Their celebration began earlier today at Saint Francis Solanus Church Sunday morning, and continued on at the Knights of Columbus in Quincy.

The sisters of Notre Dame dedicate their lives to spreading the word of God while helping out communities.

Sister Jane Wand, Sister Jo Ann Volk, and Sister Barbara Rupp all have ties to Quincy and celebrated fifty years of their dedication.

The sisters remember the day they took their vows like it was yesterday... Even though it was in 1963.

They each had their reasons for taking the vow.

Sister Barbara Rupp says there were times when she thought twice about becoming a sister, but never thought she made the wrong choice.

"I knew that it was the right thing for me, but yes, every now and then you have doubts. You know... Should I really be doing this? But I have never had any big doubts like that," said Sister Rupp.