'Signs, signs, everywhere signs' point to restoration

A new sign program is attracting attention from neighbors and visitors alike.

A new sign program is attracting attention from neighbors and visitors alike.

They are simple signs; but doing an important job in Hannibal's Central Park neighborhood.Click here to learn on KHQA This Morning more about where the idea was generated.

Now this city, known for its history, is showing off all its work being done to preserve it. The Central Park Neighborhood Association is heading up efforts to place signs like this in front of every house undergoing restoration.

Bob Yapp is a nationally known preservationist and owns this a circa 1859 home.

"So often you hear about demolitions or you see houses where you don't know what's going on," Yapp said. "You end up creating a positive visual image for the neighborhood."

The sign in front of Yapp's home highlights five years of work, culminating in restoring his Lamb-Munger home to its original colors.

"Hannibal is an international tourist place," Yapp said. "So people get on the trolleys and love to see the dates on the homes and people who live in the Central park neighborhood are passing by and slamming on their brakes asking how can I get one of those. So its been good for membership as well."

Click here to learn about work to restore the Lamb-Munger home porch.

So far 13 signs are up, with requests from local homeowners for 24 more.

These signs are important to raise awareness about the preservation efforts going on in the area. Most of the time work is going on behind closed doors. Click here to get a behind the scenes look at a house being restored.

While most efforts are hidden by walls, these signs tell the tale. It's the story of Hannibal told by homeowners who live and work daily to preserve history in the fine details of these structures.

Click here to watch more about the Admiral Coontz home porch restoration efforts.