Signs and symptoms of bath salt use

The latest street drug is legal and easy to get, but bath salts can be highly addictive and deadly.

There are a couple of ingredients in bath salts that make the substance so dangerous.

Right now, bath salts are sold in convenience stores and novelty shops.

Here's what to look for if you think someone may be using bath salts to get high.

Bath salts can be bought at novelty stores in little packets like this for around 20 dollars.

"It acts like a synthetic cocaine. From what we've understood from some of the teenagers that have been involved with it, it's highly addictive. If you have a teenager who tried it because a friend tried it, and they think they'll dip their toe in the water and move away. Some teenagers say they just can't stop," says Jeff Holliday.

And since you can buy bath salts over the counter, it can be hard for parents to know their kids are using it. So Jeff Holliday with On Site Diagnostix offers this advice.

"Some of these are going to sound like typical teenage issues as far as being easily angered. If you start to see a pattern. If they have unusual amounts of energy. If they don't need to sleep or eat. Even excessive sweating could be an issue that there could be a problem," says Holliday.

Holliday's company offers a urine based test that can be administered at home by a professional. Holliday also says if you can, keep an eye on your teenager's social networking.

"If suddenly their circle of friends seem to change, or they hang out with different friends than they normally would. If they get cryptic messages on Facebook and Twitter, then you probably have cause for concern," says Holliday.

Holliday says it's at least time to talk to your kids about it, and you may even have to go further because bath salts can be an entry way for illegal drugs.

Another concern with synthetic drugs like bath salts, many states are working to ban the sale of them in the lethal form.

Jeff Holliday worries once that happens, there will be something else waiting in the wings.