Sidewalk construction along Palmyra Road begins

Palmyra Road in Hannibal is getting a facelift.

"Finally we've got our safe routes to school project underway, we've been waiting a long time to see this project start and we finally got started and actually we are only two days into this project and we actually have our first pour today," Brian Chaplin, Project Manager for the city of Hannibal, said.

The city of Hannibal is adding a sidewalk along the eastern side of Palmyra Road.

The addition will provide a safer way to travel for students walking to and from school.

"Just to have a sidewalk on a main thoroughfare like this is a pretty big deal, there's a lot of walkers coming from the middle school, junior high area walking up toward Riverview Park just to have another sidewalk to make things safer, they don't have to walk through people's yards and on these hill slopes," Heath Hall, Hannibal Board of Public Works, said.

Students had to cut across the slopes of a cemetery and also through resident's yards for years.

"Phase one will actually take us to Bay Avenue, just about three blocks east of us here and phase two will go from Bay Avenue to Hamlin Heights then Orchard Point to the park," Hall said.

The city will also add a retaining wall.

"There is a lot of slopes, a lot of hillsides in this project as we go further east and when I say that is when the retaining wall goes in and that's when we reslope the slopes and that is when we cut the slopes back for the retaining wall for the visibility for pulling out," Hall explained.

Once construction is complete, it will hopefully ease some safety concerns for parents and children.