Siblings meet for the first time in LaGrange, MO

Richard MacPhie (middle) and Becky Jones (Right)

In December, KHQA told you about Clayton and Becky, Chippewa siblings who were meeting for the first time.

Now, Becky is meeting Richard MacPhie, another one of her brothers for the first time after 50 years of separation.

Both siblings are Native Americans who were given up for adoption by their mother when they were young.

Richard now lives in Colorado, and came all the way to LaGrange, Missouri to unite with his sister.

"This is a person I didn't even know existed six months ago... such a long lost reunion that it's a little bit mind blowing. It took me a month to wrap my head around it," said Richard

The family chose Easter weekend for its spiritual ties and the long weekend.

As you can imagine, both Becky and Richard are elated to be meeting after so many years.

"Oh my goodness, it feels like something in a dream... It's like unreal, surreal, and just... it's amazing," said Becky

Becky says she will continue searching for her remaining siblings until they are all reunited.

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