Showing some creativity at the Midsummer Arts Faire

The Midsummer Arts Faire was founded by local artist Pat Surface in 2004.

Art enthusiasts throughout the Tri-State's are gearing up for this weekend's Midsummer Arts Faire.

The fair, which was founded by local artist Pat Surface in 2004, debuts work from over fifty artists.
Each artist is selected during a competitive jury process from over 100 applicants.

Artists creations represent varying styles and mediums including original oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, unique sculptures, intricate jewelry, useful ceramics, photography and more.

The free festival offers a variety of hands on art activities, entertainment, and food that is suitable for the entire family.

One local artist is preparing for her third year at the Midsummer Arts Faire. Linda Buechting began painting with watercolors in the 1990s after a successful career as a writer.

"I went to an exhibit and saw a painting, a watercolor, and said "oh my gosh I want to be able to do that"," Buechting said.

Her previous profession led to writing Hallmark cards, short stories and romance novels. Now she is utilizing her knack for telling stories through her unique watercolor paintings. Linda said that each painting tells a different story and the Midsummer Arts Faire is the perfect setting her to share her stories with the public.

You can check out Linda's paintings and all of the other artist's creations this weekend at Washington Park in Quincy, Illinois.

For more information and a complete list of this year's featured artists, visit the Midsummer Arts Faire website.