Shooting the breeze with the ladies at Hancock County Gun Club

It was all about the ladies in Hancock County Saturday, but there was no shopping ... only guns.

The Hancock County Gun Club held its annual Women's Day event.

Even I got a shot at it.

I've only handled a gun once before, so even learning how to properly hold it was a hard lesson. Still, there were women at the shooting day event that had less experience than me.

"He taught me how to load it and chuck the chamber to make sure it was empty when it was done," Teretha Vitale, a first time shooter, said.

That's exactly what the Hancock County Gun Club was trying to do.

"It's largely geared towards safety," Walter Burnett said. "We want to make sure that women who do choose to have guns have the ability to safely handle them and fire them and use them if needed."

The gun club currently has 300 members. While they do have some women in the club, they hope events like this will draw more of them in.

"It's a great sport and a lot of women do really well at it," Burnett said. "Some of our better shooters are women, especially in the rifle events."

One of those members is Rhonda Simpson.

"I've gotten first places or seconds or thirds or overalls with those and give the men a run for their money," Simpson said. "Practice makes perfect."
Advice Vitale is taking seriously.

"She talked to us a little bit about a membership so I'm thinking about that maybe," Vitale said. "It was a lot of fun and I'm ready to do it again."

And so am I.

If you're interested in joining the Hancock County Gun Club visit their website here.