Shooting competition raises money for Boy Scouts of America

Wayne Wittmer takes aim at Clay Pigeon.

A village in Illinois hosted a competition to raise money for a local youth organization Wednesday.

Nebo, Illinois held a clay shooting match at the Harpole's Heartland Lodge to raise donations for the Boy Scouts of America.

Wayne Wittmer is a huge supporter of the Mississippi Valley Council Boy Scouts of America.

"Well, I was in Boy Scouts when I was at that age and keeping the scouting tradition going is always a good feeling," Wittmer said.

He's also a firearm collector and avid shooter.

When Wittmer learned about a shooting competition that raises money for his favorite organization, he immediately signed up for it.

"Well, It's a good time. You get the feeling that you're helping the Boy Scouts and then the camaraderie of all the other shooters," Wittmer said. "It's a good time and it's just a good feeling."

He's participated every year since.

"We're doing our 15th annual Sporting Clay Shoot," Scout Executive CEO of the Mississippi Valley Council Gary Mertz said. "It's to raise money for our scouting program. We have 156 shooters. It's the biggest one we've done in 15 years."

It's a shotgun shooting competitions that tests each competitor's skills.

"There's 24 different stations and the stations will be different designs of how they throw a clay bird out of the station," Mertz said. "From shooting ducks to shooting quail, to one going across the ground, like shooting a rabbit. Different things like that."

Winning this competition or getting a high score can be a challenge.

"If they hit the target, they get a X marked by their thing," Mertz said. "If they miss the target, then we put a zero in there, and they add all of those scores up at the end. And then they turn them in and they come up with the total scores."

Wittmer said he doesn't care if he wins or gets a high score in this competition.

It's all about spending time with his friends while raising more for an organization he loves.

"It's more of a fun day for me. I'm not that great at it," Wittmer said.

Wednesday's competition raised more than 30 thousand dollars for the Mississippi Valley Council.