Shirtless suspect on the run near Palmyra

The Marion County Sheriff's office says they have surveillance camera video of the burglary suspect they have been searching for since Tuesday.

Police in Marion County, Missouri still need your help locating a man who ran into a wooded area near Palmrya.

Marion County police announced Wednesday that the suspect was sighted at the Wilco Fast Break in Palmyra at 2:30 a.m. wearing what appeared to be camouflage clothing. He left on foot.

The Marion County Sheriff's office says they have surveillance camera video of the burglary suspect they have been searching for since Tuesday. They released a still photo from that footage.

The suspect is described as a white male with a slender build. He was last seen wearing blue jeans with no shirt. Police believe he may have put on a black shirt that was tied around his waist. The suspect has long brown hair.

Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Shinn tells KHQA that a burglary took place at approximately 8:30 a.m. Tuesday on County Road 361 off of Highway 61 in Marion County. That's when Sheriff Shinn says a woman reported a man in the garage of her home. Police believe he was stealing gasoline. When confronted, the suspect ran from the home through a wooded area.

Police later found a vehicle in the area and a white male trying to put gas in it.

A vehicle was stolen from McDonough County, Illinois Monday and police say there are other reports of stolen vehicles in Northern Illinois.

A Chevy truck was found abandoned Saturday, July 5 on US 34 west of Monmouth.

Later, Warren County Sheriff Martin Edwards reports that a school bus was stolen at United High School. The bus was found on July 6 and it is unknown when it was stolen. There was no damage to the vehicle.

Finally, according to McDonough County Sheriff Rick Van Brooker, a red Kia was stolen from a garage in Sciota, Illinois. No one was injured in that theft.

Police were searching for the suspect in the woods Tuesday by the UPS business about three to four miles north of Palmyra on the west side of Highway 61.

They had the Missouri State Highway Patrol's helicopter looking for the suspect because the search was made difficult in the heavily wooded area and corn fields.

Police advise residents to lock their homes and remove keys from vehicles.

They do not believe that there are any weapons involved.

Police say the search has been called off and that no new movement has come from the area in question.

They say there are only a couple of ways to get out and that he could go north on Highway 61. No road blocks have been put in place.

If you have any information, please call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 573-769-2077 or 573-221-6400.

The Sheriff's department is being assisted in this investigation by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, the Iowa Bureau of Investigations and several Illinois Law Enforcement Agencies.