Shelby Co. board pulls offer to superintendent after theft charge

The South Shelby R-IV School District unanimously accepted the resignation of a superintendent candidate amid allegations that he stole money from his previous school district.

During a special Thursday night School Board meeting the district rescinded its offer to candidate Michael Mike Rennells, 34, of Grant City, Mo. The Putnam County, Mo. native is accused of stealing from the school district in northwest Missouri where he is currently superintendent.

The Worth County Prosecuting Attorney's Office charged him Monday with stealing and two felony charges of forgery.

Rennells is accused of using the school district's credit card to buy nearly $1,700 worth of items for his personal use, according to court documents. Rennells fabricated invoices and made misleading representations on the district TMs Credit Card Purchases form to try to cover his tracks, court documents say.

Shelby County School Board president Jerry Fenton said the details about Mr. Rennells came to light after he was offered the job in Shelby County.

"These details weren't known to anyone. Worth County I do not believe knew of these details prior to his employment. After his employment and he had given his notice there, after that point is when they realized the discrepancies and I believe that's when the investigation started," Fenton said.

The Shelby County school district was set to hire Rennells who was scheduled to begin his work with the district July 1.

Mr. Fenton says finding out the news was ..."heartbreaking for the district".

"We had put a lot of work, a lot of time sifting through candidates, interviewing candidates. We had employers, we had administrators, they also assisted in this selection process. So we had hundreds of man hours invested into this. And we thought Mr. Rennells was the individual that would lead our school to bigger and better things. Unfortunately things didn't turn out that way," Fenton said.

The school board also rescinded the contract offer of 6th grade Middle School teacher to LaCosta Rennells.

Fenton says the district is already moving ahead with plans to select a new person to take on that important role of Superintendent in the district.

The Missouri Highway Patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control handled the investigation.

Rennells is the former principal of Green City High School and Schuyler County High School. He was also a coach in the Green City district during his tenure there there.

Rennells posted the $10,000 set after his Monday arrest.