Shelbina showcases its businesses at 4th annual expo

Shelbina Missouri hosted its 4th annual Show-Me Shelby County Business Expo at the Father Buhman Center Saturday.

Shelbina, Mo. hosted its 4th annual Show-Me Shelby County Business Expo at the Father Buhman Center Saturday.

It's an Expo that allows Shelby County business owners a chance to promote their products and services to the community.

Pat Greenwell cares deeply about the financial well-being of his community.

Back in 2010, Greenwell found out many locals businesses in Shelby County were struggling to make money, he decided something needed to be done.

" I talked to some local businesses that wanted to promote their business. I said let's put a show together," Greenwell said.

With help from local newspapers, and the Economic Development Director at that time, Greenwell created an Expo that showcased many of Shelby County's businesses.

"That's why I started it, was so local businesses could let the local people know exactly what products and services they offer," Greenwell said.

Four years later, its helped many small and large businesses thrive.

"The 43 businesses and services that are here today that go across Shelby County. It is a huge impact trying to get people from the surrounding areas to come and take part in our services," Shelby County Economic Development Director Troy Renner said.

Erin Spurgeon is a stay at home mom who needs extra cash. She comes to the Expo every year to promote her small business, Darn Cute Crafts.

"It really helps handing out business cards and just meeting more people in the community that I might not have known before," Spurgeon said.

Spurgeon said the contacts and sales she's made at the Expo have helped take care of her family's financial needs.

"My youngest got sick with an ear infection, and because I had this extra cash on hand, I was able to go right to the doctor," Spurgeon said.

After many years of hosting the Expo, Greenwell said it feels great knowing that he's helped many of Shelby County's business owners.

"They get to see at least 4 or 5, maybe up to 700 under people go through, and so that's getting your name out there for pretty cheap pennies on the dollar," Greenwell said.

All of the money raised from the event will be divided and donated to the North and South Shelby school district.