Share your harvest this deer season

Country Butcher Shop

Hunters listen up! You can help stock local food pantries, just by doing what you love.

Share the Harvest provides local families in need with healthy, fresh meat. If there is no room left in the freezer, but still time to hunt this deer season, take extra meat to a local butcher shop like Country Butcher Shop in Palmyra.

"Here in Marion County, the local health department is actually going to do the distribution for us on a local level," Michelle Dent with Country Butcher Shop said.

Deer processing would normally cost just under $100. By donating the meat to Share the Harvest, that price drops to about $25, because participating butcher shops receive subsidies from the program.

"We're glad to donate it if we get more than one deer, which we usually do. We've got too much meat so we're happy to pass it on to somebody who needs it," Hunter Joe Hobbes Sr. said.

Country Butcher Shop has been participating in Share the Harvest since bow season this year. The amount of donated meat they processed for food pantries will feed a lot of families.

"Most of the hunters that are donating, they hunt for themselves and then they maybe do a second kill that they bring to us to donate to the local food pantry.Our hunters are very generous. I have to say, just today, we've donated 750 lbs already to Share the Harvest. That's a lot of meat," Dent said.

Country Butcher Shop will continue participating in the program through the end of the season.