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      Shake-and-bake meth lab busted in Payson

      Two people are behind bars after a meth lab was busted in Payson on Thursday.

      According to Illinois State Police, a methamphetamine investigation was conducted at 202 Brainard Street around 9 a.m. Thursday.

      The investigation led to a search of the residence and discovery of a shake-and-bake lab.

      Police arrested 34-year-old Tara Bullock of the residence. Joseph Bullock was also arrested a few hours later near the residence. Both were taken to the Adams County Jail on charges of aggravated unlawful participation in meth production, unlawful possession of meth-making materials, meth-related child endangerment, and use of property.

      The Department of Children and Family Services took custody of 3 children who were staying with a relative at the time of the search.

      Both Joseph and Tara Bullock were previously arrested in 2003 on meth-related charges. Joseph Bullock was sentenced to 6 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections after pleading guilty.

      Tara Bullock was sentenced to 24 months probation as a result.

      The Payson Police Department, West Central Illinois Task Force, and the Adams County Sheriff's Office all assisted in the investigation and search.