Seven-year-old uses Facebook to reunite Iowa siblings

Thanks to a seven-year-old friend who searched Facebook, an Iowa man has been reunited with his sister 65 years after the siblings were separated in foster care.

Sixty-six-year-old Clifford Boyson of Davenport met his 70-year-old sister, Betty Billadeau, in person on Saturday. Billadeau drove up from her home in Florissant, Mo., with her daughter and granddaughter for the reunion.

Boyson and Billadeau both tried to find each other for years without success.

Then seven-year-old Eddie Hanzelin, who is the son of Boyson's landlord, got involved.

Eddie managed to find Billadeau by searching Facebook with her maiden name. He recognized the family resemblance when he saw her picture.

The siblings have now opened a college fund for the tech-minded second grader.