Seussical teaches students anything's possible

Students during rehearsals for Seussical

They're popular children's stories, and now they're being brought to the big stage.

Quincy Community Theatre is in the beginning stages of bringing to life Seussical the Musical.

"If you try, you can reach for the sky, and anything's possible."

That is the theme surrounding this production of Seussical.

A cast of 37 ranging from elementary students to seniors in high school, Seussical takes the stories of the classic Dr. Seuss books and tells the tale of a young boy, an elephant, and a wild adventure they go on.

While rehearsals are full of singing and fun, there's plenty of learning that goes on too.

Andrew Cliatt is playing the role of the Cat in the Hat and says the musical stresses the importance of being a free-thinker.

"If you just let other people think for you, then you're not really being who you are, and it's a different way of thinking, you don't have to let other people pull you down. You can think how you want to think," Cliatt said.

For Payton Kearns she's found that it doesn't matter the age, you can learn from anyone.

"In school you're always stuck with the same types of people and the same age groups. And then you get to work with younger kids and they teach you to have fun. And then the older kids, they teach you more responsibility when you get older," Kearn said.

This is Lydia Hilbing's first musical, and so far, rehearsals have taught her a lot.

"I've learned a lot about more music and how to read music, a lot about the lesson of the whole story and to be positive," Hilbing said.

While the show is still in the rehearsal process, the students are already learning how to stand out.

"It's fun to be different and different is really cool," said Kearns.

Seussical performs February 6-9, and tickets go on January 13.

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