Sentencing day for Quincy woman arrested on meth charges

Carol Franklin, 49

An Adams County judge sentenced Quincy woman who pleaded guilty to methamphetamine charges to a three-month sentence in the Adams County Jail. .

Carol Franklin, 49 was sentenced Thursday.

She was sentenced to 90 days in the Adams County Jail and 24 months probation. The case will be reviewed again in March.

Two charges were dismissed in exchange for a November 6 plea deal. Franklin pleaded guilty to charges of possession of less than five grams of meth and possession of meth precursors.

Franklin was arrested in August after police raided her south side home.

During the raid officers say the found several items used to make methamphetamine with the shake-and-bake method.

A child under the age of 18 also lived in the house at the time.