Semi trucks cut tight turns in Center, Missouri

Viewer submitted photo of a semi driving through residential streets in Center, Mo.

A road project from New London to Laddonia, Missouri is causing some headaches for truck drivers, according to Missouri Department of Transportation officials and residents in Center, Missouri.

This photo attached to this story is from a viewer and appears to show a truck cutting a sharp turn on residential street.

We asked MoDOT residential engineer Marty Lincoln about this issue and he says that it boils down to old habits dying hard.

The semi-drivers use Route H as a cut through to avoid stop lights in Hannibal.

So they are driving past the signs and not realizing the situation until it is too late.

Some try to turn around on side streets but there is just not enough room.

Residents want the side street barricaded, but that presents its own set of problems.

"Some people want us to close down the side streets. We can give them some barricades to help close up some side streets, but you still, when these trucks get up there, they have to have some place to go. They can't drive down into, it's like a dead end street," Lincoln said. "They've got to back out and it's not the best situation."

The project started on Monday and the Marty Lincoln expects the section in Center to be completed by the middle of next week.

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