Select Company: Tri-State Navy recruits sponsored by St. Louis Cardinals

For Zach Walker and Noah Miller, enlistment into the US Navy has a special meaning. One that thousands of baseball fans will get to share in next month.

"It was an honor, really luck of the draw to be in the right place at the right time. But its an honor to be in Cardinal Company,"

"I was very excited - what a great opportunity it was. Getting to march into Busch Stadium itself with all of the players is an amazing opportunity,"

They've been selected to Cardinal Company, a division of Navy recruits sponsored by the St. Louis Cardinals. On August 15th, Zach, Noah, and around 80 other enlistees will march through downtown St. Louis and into Busch Stadium, where they'll take their final oath before boot camp.

"It's the last oath we do - we do one when we enlist and then one final oath before shipping out to boot camp. Its to show that we're in and we're dedicated, and its our last opportunity to say no, but I'm certainly not going to say no at this point - I'm dedicated,"

This is the 55th year the Cardinals have provided this rare opportunity for Navy recruits. After the pre-game oath, the company will leave in the middle of the game for boot camp in Chicago. And after those 8 weeks, Zach and Noah said they're ready to go wherever the Navy needs them most.

"You start to realize that your life is about to begin, and its exciting. It's an amazing feeling,"

"I'm just proud to serve our country, no better way to do better in life. It's an honor and I wouldn't rather go through this with anybody else,"