Home Depot hiring nationwide for upcoming season

Seasonal Hiring at Home Depot

If you're looking for a job this season, Home Depot will gladly put you to work.

The company looks to hire thousands nationwide.

Spring is a busy time for Home Depot because that's when the do-it-yourselfers start their projects.

The Quincy Home Depot looks to hire around 20 to 25 people.

New hires will go through a two week training process to prepare them ready for the job.

One store employee says there are still spots to be filled.

"We would like that candidate that is self-efficient, has that drive, wants to have the good customer service, the quality candidate. Not only someone that just wants to make a career out of something but we also hire the grandma, the high school student that wants to come in just for extra income," said Karen Molohon at Home Depot.

Home Depot is hoping to have their final candidates on the floor within two to three weeks.

If you're interested you can apply on their website.

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