Scotties sends you soaring down the race track

Scotties Fun Spot go-kart track cost around $600,000 to build.

When Jeff Scott and his family opened Scotties Fun Spot two years ago, the idea for a go-kart track was always part of the original plan.

"We knew that racing in this community was big and everybody loves to ride go-karts so we thought it was important," Scott said.

Now that plan has become a reality. Two weeks ago Scotties officially opened its state-of-the-art go-kart track.

"There's a lot of elevation changes, hairpin corners," Scott, said. "It's an 820 foot track and everybody loves it."

The track cost around $600,000 to build. It is one of only three facilities in the country that offer the "Thundervolt" kart system that allows all 20 of its go-karts to be powered by electric motors.

"They have an equivalent 1600 horse power Honda motor, so everybody thinks electric is slow but they actually go faster," Scott, said.

There are three different speed and age levels. The kart system also allows speed to be monitored by a trained attendant.

"If there's somebody pumping we can actually black flag them and bring them back to the pit area or if there's an accident on the track we can stop everybody within 20 feet and clear the obstruction and go back racing," Scott, said.

The go-kart track is family friendly but there are some requirements for putting the pedal to the metal.

"Thirty-six inches to ride with an adult, so little kids can ride with their parents," Scott, said. "And we have three different height requirements, 46 inches is the slowest speed and 54 inches is for full speed for adults and older kids."

Almost one-thousand people have already fulfilled their need for speed on Scotties go-kart track.

"The response from the customers is they all come inside and high fives and big smiles so it's good to see that," Scott, said.

Scott hopes only more will continue to show