Scorecard for Quincy

You can't improve what you don't measure.

That's the word from Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore who unveiled his scorecard for the Gem City.

Mayor Moore has only been in office for a few months, but says he now has a platform in which to measure city services.

The scorecard is online anytime for anyone to see.

There are around 30 measurement items including safety incidents for the city, how many miles of roads are paved and the absenteeism of city employees just to name a few.

We asked him why the people of Quincy should check out this scorecard.

"We work for them. They need to hold us accountable for the job we're doing for them. They deserve city services that are second to none. How do we accomplish that? We measure it, we look at our operations, and then we improve it from there on after," Mayor Kyle Moore said.

You can find the scorecard on the city's website here.

The mayor plans on updating the scorecard every six months.