Sciota anhydrous leak forces evacuation of homes, school

Here are the pictures taken at the incident this morning. On the ladder truck are Ryan Hotz operating the truck and Greg Waller FF and Deputy Chief JR Hyde shut off the valve on the ladder itself.

/ Fire Chief Andy Taylor of the Macomb Fire Department

UPDATE: November 03 at 1:40 p.m.

Emergency crews evacuated half the town of Sciota Wednesday after an anhydrous ammonia leak.

Students at West Prairie in Sciota were bused to Colchester for a couple of hours, and a two mile radius around Highway 9 was evacuated at 9:30 Wednesday morning.

A driver filling his storage tank drove away with the vapor hose still attached and a little more than 2 gallons of liquid spilled.

No one was injured or needed treatment from the ammonia vapor cloud that caused the evacuations.

The site was cleared close to noon.


Around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, an anhydrous leak was phoned in on Washington Street in Sciota.

They proceeded to evacuate West Prairie High School as well as a number of homes along Illinois Route 9.

The McDonough County Voice's Jodi Pospeschil reported that students from West Prairie High School were sent to Colchester on district buses.