School safety on the forefront for Palmyra Schools

Palmyra High School, Home of the Panthers

Let's say you're a teacher, and an intruder breaches school grounds. At what length would you go to protect the children in your classroom?

Palmyra Superintendent Eric Churchwell and his teaching staff for the district will prepare for the worst with some of the best.

They will undergo training from Strategos, a group that specializes in intruder emergency training.

"Hopefully we wont have to have a real situation. But hopefully if we do, we will be as prepared as we can be," Churchwell said.

Churchwell says he is unsure how exactly the training will go, but it will increase safety.

"Anything from securing their classrooms to getting out of the building, to fighting back," Churchwell said.

Some of the teachers went through a training session in the spring in Lewis County.

"All of the staff we sent up there came back very excited and thought it would be very beneficial for all of our staff to take part in it. That's when we decided to invest on it and hopefully make our kids and our staff safe. Safer," Churchwell said.

Teachers do not know entirely what they are in for, but trust this will be a good experience.

"There are things that probably need to be done. And I trust our administrators. They picked something that's worthwhile and useful," Physics teacher James Dent said.

The actual training session takes place this Thursday from 8:15 a.m. until noon.

The session is funded through money set aside by the district for professional development.