School is back and a BBQ is in order

How does a day of eating hot dogs and meeting your new teachers sound? To Washington Elementary students, it sounded like a perfect afternoon.

There are two days until school starts at Washington School, but that didn't stop its students from getting excited.

Students and their families attended a teacher meet and greet. This gave everybody a chance to meet the teachers and see their classrooms.

"It gives the families time to come in and socialize with one another, getting to know the families that their children are going to school with. And meet the teacher. And start building those relationships," principal Sara Cramer said.

Part of this program included a school supply donation. Families in need of school supplies for their children were offered a number of different items. All of which donated from people around the community.

"We're able to help them, so folders, crayons, scissors, all the essentials that kiddos need to start the school year, we have those items donated and put into kiddos hands so we are ready to start on Wednesday," Cramer said.

The next event where students and their families can learn about the school is Paws Pride Night at the end of September. If you want to donate supplies to the school for students in need, contact Washington School.

The meet and greet concluded with a cook out at the school playground.