Scammers threaten arrest to get your info, don't fall for it

A potential phone scam has made it's way to Adair County.

The Adair County Prosecuting Attorney's office warns that scammers have been calling individuals claiming they've spoken with the prosecuting attorney, and then they ask for credit card information.

The scammers go on to state the prosecutor's name and indicate that if the individual does not pay a certain dollar amount, a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

Adair County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Wilson tells


they're still unsure where the scammers are, but he tried tracking them down.

"[Wednesday] afternoon, I did call a phone number that was left with one of our intended victims, so I called that number back, they have my phone number, so phone number, they tracked it thought he address and once they found out where the addressed tracked back to, they hung up on me. So once they realized I was in fact the prosecuting attorney, they refused to talk to me, and just hung up," Wilson told KTVO.

Wilson said this is indeed a scam.

He said his office will not call if you had bad checks, as the scammers claim. They will send you a formal letter directly.

"I want to make it clear that my office will not call individuals who have bad checks in my office," Wilson told KTVO. "We send out formal letter informing them of the check number, location the check was written, the date of the check, and the amount."

If you receive a phone call like this, you should call the Prosecuting Office directly. Wilson suggests that you get as much information from them, without giving them any of yours.

Prosecuting Attorney Office is working with local and state authorities to stop this harassment.

Also, always be cautious giving out private information over the phone.

KTVO contributed to this report.