Scammer uses Medicaid threats to get bank info

A phone scam has been reported in Marion County Tuesday.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office says that a caller contacted an elderly woman in the area and requested her banking information for Medicaid purposes.

The woman denied the request only for the caller to threaten that her Medicaid would be taken away if she didn't give the financial information. Hearing that, she complied and gave the information, but then reported the incident to local authorities.

She was told to immediately contact her bank and when she did, she found that her account had closed.

In the past few months, this type of scam has been reported numerous times to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Residents are reminded to never give out information over the phone to anyone.

The Marion County Sheriffâ??s Office says that the scammers are from overseas and leave bogus phone numbers.

Make sure you report any and all scams to your local authorities.