SAW: Brendan Ross


BRENDAN ROSS, Louisiana High School

Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf

GPA: 3.864

Class Rank: 1st

Involvements: National Honor Society, FBLA, Spanish Club, Student Council President, Umpire in the Louisiana Khoury League, Football Announcer for Louisiana for three years, Mission Trips to Joplin and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, American Legion Boys State

Awards: Jacob Gierke Biology Award in 2011, Glory of Missouri Fraternity Award 2012, Missouri Community Betterment Program Youth Leadership Award 2012

If there is one unifying characteristic of the young men and women we've profiled here for you in this spot every Wednesday for the last eight years, it's this: Effective Time Management.

But this week's honoree, by way of Louisiana High School, might just be the most efficient kid we've run across...

A valedictorian candidate who has excelled in four sports, including two in the same same (golf and baseball)

But as Ross Green details, our Student Athlete of the Week has invested himself well beyond just the class room and the playing field...

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{<}Louisiana's Brendan Ross might just be the busiest student-athlete in the Tri-States. He's guided by one simple motto.

"You've got to take pride in helping other people and doing the right thing all the time. If there's work to be done and help to be had, you've got to be there and step in and take that opportunity as a person to help other people,"

Its one thing to say the words, but Brendan puts them into motion. That was never more evident than this past summer, when he lent a hand to a community that needed it the most.

"We knew the Joplin tornado had happened and how the devastation had affected that area, so our youth group went down there and did a lot of work. We worked on one house in particular, but what we did down there was just a thumbnail of what has to be done. But it was a good feeling to know that we helped at least one family"

He's pitched in close to home, as well. Over the years, this 4-sport student athlete has had the opportunity to see games from both sides.

"I announce our JV and middle school football games and I umpire in our Khoury league system here in Louisiana and throughout Pike County,"

Wasn't kidding: Brendan is a busy guy as a player, broadcaster, and official.

"My dad has always been a broadcaster for KJFM here in Louisiana and always done basketball games, so I've gotten to travel all over with him and see him do it, and I always thought it was something cool that I wanted to get involved in. When our high school announcer Jay Garrison said his son was graduating and he was looking for somebody to fill those shoes, I started taking the JV games and middle school games and had a lot of fun with that. People have complimented me and said I'm decent at doing that so I've had fun. With the umpiring, I'm a big baseball guy, and its been fun to watch my little sister, for example, and these younger kids play the game and love the sport that I've enjoyed so much and really give back to the community in that way,"

It all comes back to that desire to do his part. He's done that and more for his Louisiana Bulldogs, and perhaps most importantly, set a standard for others to follow.

"I always thought my senior year would never come, and now that its here, its a bittersweet time getting these last games in with these guys that I've played with my whole life. So we hope that we can inspire guys to take advantage of the time they have here; work hard, do every rep, do everything you can to make yourself better and things will work out,"{>}