Saving money behind the wheel

We're all looking for ways to save money these days, especially at the pump.

Many large trucking companies teach their drivers some techniques to save on gas.

KHQA went to the John Wood Truck Driver Training School for some advice in this Safe Family report.

We were told a moderate sized fleet of about 500 trucks spends an average of $63,000 a day on fuel.

If that same fleet increased its fuel mileage by 10% percent, it could save almost two million dollars a year.

To put that into your budget, you could save almost $200 a year just by increasing your fuel mileage ten percent.

"The biggest waste of fuel is on takeoff and on not anticipating what's coming next," says Don Hess.

The single best way to improve your gas mileage is to take off as infrequently as you can.

"If you're going down Broadway and you know there's a bunch of lights down Broadway. If you see a half a block ahead that the light is red, rather than staying on the gas, let your foot off the gas and coast along," says Hess.

Don Hess with John Wood Truck Driver Training says chances are by the time you get to that light, it'll be green, then you won't have to accelerate from a dead stop. He also says he tells his students to pretend there's a raw egg in between the bottom of your foot and the accelerator. He says keep that in mind, and you'll see a dramatic increase in your fuel mileage. As for out on the highway,

"The faster you go, the more fuel you're burning," says Hess.

That means set your cruise control if you have it. The computer inside your car will do a much better job of keeping your speed constant. You can also keep an eye on your tachometer. What's that you ask, well it's the dial that's next to your speedometer. It measures the revolution of you engine. The lower number on the tachometer, the slower your engine is turning. If you can keep your tach around two, your fuel mileage will be better.

Also remember to keep your tires inflated to the manufacturers recommended air pressure.

Don Hess also recommends getting your car tuned up once a year.

He says just like you're supposed to get an annual physical, you should do the same for your car.