Saved by the fan

The mercury may not rise as high as it did last week, but thermometers could be back near 90 when many Tri-State students head back to school.

The Hannibal Public School District is one of the districts that will be back in session next Monday, August 23rd.

That means some students will have to endure hot classrooms.

Jarod Wells found out what that district will do to make sure students are comfortable for your KHQA Safe Family Report.

All will not be calm next week. Hallways, classrooms and desks will be filled with students, and in some cases, heat. Eugene Field Elementary School got air conditioning this summer. That means out of the five Hannibal elementary schools, Mark Twain Elementary is the only one without A/C.

District Business Manager Dana Ruhl said, "That particular school is one that's going to be replaced in two years through the recent bond issue. So all five in two years will be air conditioned."

That leaves the middle and high schools, apart from a few sections, without air conditioning.

What are you guys going to do to combat that heat in the classroom?

Ruhl said, "Every building that does not have air conditioning going on will have large fans, those 48-inch large fans set up on each floor at both ends of the hallway, one's pulling air and one's pushing air. Windows will be open in classrooms. Classrooms may have fans in some of their windows or on the floor, so we'll have fans running everywhere."

But what happens if after all that, it's still too hot?

Ruhl said, "What we do these first couple weeks of school when it can be so hot is we just monitor all those un-air conditioned buildings. We'll talk to principals, we'll go into the room, talk to teachers and we'll make an informed decision between all of us if we need to close school early."

District Business Manager Dana Ruhl said if it is possible to have a full day of school, that's what the district will do.

Ruhl said, "But if we have to call school early, we'll wind up doing that rather than keeping kids in classrooms when they're really not learning anything because it's so hot."

District Business Manager Dana Ruhl says the district will also look into having bottled water on hand if needed.