Save your car's interior!

We all know what it feels like when you open the door of your car after it's been closed up all day during this ongoing heatwave.

But what does the heat do to the cars interior.

We asked Nathan Mohr, who runs the Bump Shop Autobody facility in Quincy and he says it can have some serious effects on plastic, leather and vinyl.

"Well the plastics in there, the sun's UV rays and the direct light, the heat effects it all. Fading, cracking, vinyl, leathers. It's a good idea to use a protectant. Armor All for instance will help block the UV's."

Mohr says that those reflective shields that some people put inside their windshields are one of the best options people can use to prevent damage to their dashboards.

Let us know if you have any techniques for protecting your car in this blazing sun ... we might even feature your comments in our newscast! Post your comments below or on our Facebook page here .