Save your back! Shovel snow the right way

With snow falling now, you'll have yet another round of snow to remove from your driveway.

Shoveling is a common sound in winter, but it also may lead to pain in your lower back if you don't shovel the right way.

That's the word from Dr. Justin Felsman with Adjustin Chiropractic. He says it's important to lift snow with your legs - not your back.

Click here to watch a demonstration of proper shoveling from KHQA This Morning.

"When you go down, you want to pick up with your knees and shovel wherever you're going," Dr. Felsman said. "What you don't want to do is bend down, pick up and twist, because that is how people injure their lower back."

Dr. Felsman says if you lift with your back, "all the muscles that surround the spine and some of the core muscles that are not as strong become degenerated and you get back pain."

Shoveling snow the right way can be easier when you choose the right tool. Click here to learn more about how to choose a snow shovel.

Which shovel as a chiropractor would you use on your driveway?

"I would use one with the ergonomic curve on the handle," Dr. Felsman said.

Why is the curve important?

"I think its a leverage thing so you're able to able to use it where your arms are and the leverage of picking up the snow itself," Dr. Felsman said.

Dr. Felsman also suggests stretching and warming up before picking up your snow scoop. It's a chore that requires muscle, so preparing in advance for the physical challenge ahead will help you prevent future injuries.

Click here to watch a demonstration of proper shoveling from KHQA This Morning.