Sarah D: Confessions of a techno-dummy

OK, I admit it!! I'm a techno-moron. I've even been somewhat proud to say I know nothing about computers and I JUST DON'T CARE! Well, to tell the truth, I do care. Just a bit. I feel a little left out when it comes to computer talk. My eyes glaze over and I nod absentmindedly when the conversation turns technical. But the bit that really makes me uncomfortable is feeling like a dinosaur who won't evolve with the times. It's a computer-driven world, and I'm an endangered species. Finally, KHQA has brought me to the techno-table kicking and screaming. You'll see my posts a few times a week on Right now I'm learning the system. It seems my brain is not wired for this stuff. Maybe I'll ask my 12-year-old twins how it's done. In my first foray into the KHQA system, I hacked into the station's Facebook account. Not bad for a beginner, huh? Somehow I hijacked the page and made it into my own personal page complete with several thousand fans. That's one way to get a following ;) It took seven people several hours to sort out the mess I made. I set the bar low, so it can only go up from here, right? Truly, I do look forward to getting back to writing. It's one thing that hasn't changed in the news business since I started back in the dark ages of broadcasting. Back in the day, we didn't use computers...we actually typed out carbon copies. For real!! Computers baffle me. Writing I can do. It just turns out you can't do one without the other. But don't try to teach me to text. I WON'T DO IT!! How has technology changed the way you live and work? Any exploits you'd like to share? This interaction stuff is the fun part. I'd love to hear from you. Next installment of Sarah D: Why your grandma needs to take a spin on the information superhighway.