Sarah D: A Democrat's agenda

You can TMt teach an old yellow dog democrat new tricks. Now that John Yancey is 80-years-old and Demo Days turns 40, Yancey has officially spent half his life working on this event.

It TMs not a hell of a lot different than it used to be, Yancey said of his politics. You TMve gotta have some d**n common sense.

You might notice Yancey TMs a colorful character. He TMs certainly a call it like I see it kind of guy. Here TMs his take on the Democratic party: For the last 20 years, I TMve said Democrats are either d**n poor messengers, or we have a d**n poor message.

That TMll be the topic kicked around at the 40th Annual Demo Days this Friday and Saturday at the Hannibal Inn. You can TMt take a whoopin TM like we took and not sit down to think about it.

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Yancey says his party needs to do one of two things: Listen to the people better or change our strategy.

In Yancey TMs view, It TMs the tail wagging the dog these days. He says groups that yell the loudest are the ones who draw the attention, and the regular blue-collar types aren TMt making their voices heard. I guess people who are making a lot of money just don TMt remember how things used to be, Yancey says. Spending money for the hopeless and the helpless is something we TMve all tried to do. While government spending is the battering ram recently, Yancey defends programs that have helped the poor and working class.

In my opinion, guns and babies don TMt have a thing to do with government, but that seems to be the only issues of the day, Yancey said. He, like many local democrats, believes in gun rights and doesn TMt agree with abortion. He says those two issues have dominated the national stage and affect elections at every level.

John Yancey calls himself the good ol TM boy auctioneer. That TMs been his profession for years, but politics are his passion. He TMs spent a few terms as Hannibal Mayor and Marion Commissioner, but he TMs best known for his work on the state level bringing together the party faithful at Democrat Days. He TMll be holding court there this Friday and Saturday, and he TMll be happy to bend your ear on his favorite topic.