Santa visits Berrian School

Santa delivered Christmas gifts a bit early to students at Berrian Elementary Monday. All 258 students got a picture with Santa and a gift they'd asked for beforehand.

Gifts ranged from baseballs and footballs to jewelry and barbie watches. The Quincy Noon Kiwanis Club hosted the party, which included food, music and fun with friends.

"I've got my board game called Yahtzee. Lots of people said that it's really fun and I hope I can play it someday, probably at recess. And I'm really happy for the snacks and drinks and everything. I'm happy that I got to see Santa and the music and I just wish everybody a Merry Christmas," said R'Shon Douglas, a third grader at Berrian School.

"What's the best part of the day? When Santa comes,"said Mason Cain, a third grader.

"I got this butterfly mood ring and then I got this necklace to match it," said Trinity Fasnacht.

"I got a barbie watch," said Tyshaia Smith, a third grader. "I've wanted a watch ever since I was like six, and I never got one. So now, I do."

The Quincy Noon Kiwanis Club hosted today's party. Each year the group chooses a school in Quincy to partake in the fun.