Santa still looking for new workshop

November will soon be here, which means Christmas is just around the corner and Santa still needs your help.

You'll remember a few weeks ago we told Santa's Workshop in Beardstown needed a place to relocated.

Owner Jack Bailey takes donated toys, new and old, repairs the ones that need it and gives them to families in need.

Leaking water from upstairs apartments left mold in his workshop and ruined nearly half of the toys that were ready to be given to children.

The number of families in need of toys for their children continues to grow, and Jack Bailey still needs a place to relocate Santa's Workshop.

As KHQA's Jarod Wells shows you, Bailey will stop at nothing to make sure children in the tri-states have a Merry Christmas.

Bailey said, "I couldn't find anything or any place to put the shop. So I'm converting my house and my garage, where I have my wood shop and my basement into Santa's Workshop."

Jack Bailey says he has some painting and repairs to do to turn his home into Santa's new workshop. That's where he's hoping the community can help.

Bailey said, "Well the big thing I need to move forward here is, I need about 20 gallons of red paint, about 5 gallons of white. I need 2 x 4's to enclose the front of the garage."

He's also in need of a vehicle to help him deliver the toys.

Bailey has been using the space in his home near Browning, Illinois to make rocking horses and doll cradles to give to children this Christmas season. He also makes wishing wells to sell in order to get materials to make and repair toys. The space will now be used as Santa's Workshop, repairing and storing toys.

Bailey said, "I have the number of toys to give out to those that I have now, but the numbers are going to grow. I've had people that have called to donate toys, but I've had to stop them until I get a location in order to put my shop."

The number of children in need of toys grew as Jarod visited Jack Bailey Monday, October 18th. He got a call for ten more children that, without his help, would be without toys this Christmas. But with every obstacle Santa's Workshop comes upon, Bailey remains positive those children will have a Merry Christmas.

Bailey said, "It's going to happen this year one way or the other."

When we talked to Jack Bailey less than a month ago he already had 300 children in need of toys.

Monday he told Jarod that number has grown to more than 400.

Last year more than 2,000 under-privileged children received toys from Santa's Workshop.

If you can help Jack Bailey and Santa's Workshop in anyway call 217-491-6931 or 217-491-3639 and ask for Jack.